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5 Important Reasons to Try New Restaurants and Stop Being a Picky Eater

The weekend comes, you start planning the activities with your family and friends, and suddenly you realize that you always eat at the same restaurants. Or perhaps you avoid a food group at all costs even though you haven't tried it. And now you are avoiding all culinary adventures because you’re convinced you won't like whatever new is on your plate.

You probably keep saying Abu Dhabi doesn't have enough options and drive to Dubai to eat the same burger. When the truth is there are always new and exciting restaurants, bringing new flavors and concepts, opening up in the capital.

So why is it important to try new food:

1 - You expand your options.

Think about it this way, when you’re married, you have one single option, but when you are single, you are still meeting new people and checking their personalities and behaviors. So don’t marry food, keep your options open. The more you have in front of you, the more experiences you will have.

2 - You can find new type of food that excites you.

Sometimes you see strange food mixes like chocolate with mint, and you think you will never try it because it just sounds so abnormal. But you never know what type of mixes you will like. For instance, have you tried banana or avocado with rice? (yes, it is a thing in Latin America). So how will you know if you like it or not if don’t give it a try?

3 - You get more nutrients.

The more color in your life, the happier you are. The same applies to food, the more variety in your diet, the more sources of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body will get.

4 - You become more receptive to adventures.

Trying new food is like traveling. You want to see, live and experience new places, new cultures and feel new emotions. So if you are afraid of trying new food, you might as well be the type of traveler that sticks to Starbucks and McDonald’s, leaving that new country or city unseen, unlived.

5 - Your taste buds change over time.

No one suddenly wakes up in their adult life loving broccoli when they have hated it all along. You have to eat it over and over again with different condiments or cooking styles until you find the joy in it.

At least for me, it happened with Middle Eastern food; back in my hometown (in Colombia), we don’t eat spiced food. Once I got to UAE, all I tasted was cumin, cardamon, turmeric… you name it. In the beginning, it was a challenge to find food that suited my taste but shawarma by shawarma and biryani by biryani, I started to enjoy the garliquish and spicy flavor in the food. Now when I travel back home, I only think about that mandi with spicy sauce.

Remember, marrying food can stop you from living new experiences, it can stop you from learning about other cultures and can stop you from developing your taste. So what are you waiting for to try new flavors at Fox Box?

Share in the comments below the food you normally don't dare to try but will make the effort to taste it next week 👇🏼

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